If you would like to get more involved in the area, there are lots of opportunities…

  1. Add yourself to our IM Coalition Email List through our Contact Us page
  2. Attend our Quarterly Meetings
    • 1st Tuesday of every Quarter @ 5:30pm
    • Address: IMC Office  (3685 Commercial Drive )
  3. Attend our Land Use Meetings
    • Every 1st Thursday @ 7:30am
    • Sunshine Breakfast House  (5116 West 38th Street)
  4. Participate in our Taste the Difference Meetings
    • Every 3rd Thursday @ 4:30pm
    • New Wineskin Ministries (4501 West 38th Street)
  5. Take part in our International Marketplace Fundraiser
    • Every other Wednesday  @ 4:00pm
    • IMC Office (3685 Commercial Drive )
  6. Take part in our Lunch and Dinner Tours Monthly
  7. Are you a member of the IMC? If not, then join!
  8. Have another idea on how to make a difference? Submit an email to info@imcoalition.org.

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The International Marketplace Coalition (formally The Lafayette Square Area Coalition) is a
​not-for-profit organization comprised of businesses, concerned citizens and community leaders who encourage economic growth and development on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana.


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