Lucky Lou’s Restaurant

Lucky Lou Seafood Restaurant Lucky Lou Seafood restaurant opened in 2013. Owner Rui Mei Liu traveled from China to the U.S. in hope of a better future. She started her restaurant with using experience…

Jiallo’s Caribbean Restaurant

Jiallo's African Caribbean Cuisine Jiallo's is a humble restaurant serving up African and Caribbean cuisine with bold flavor. It's owner Mohammed Jiallo started his career in the restaurant business i…

Havana Cafe

Havana Cafe “Havana Cafe.” From 9AM to 9PM every weekday, except Tuesday's, 9AM to 10PM Friday and Saturday, and 2:30PM to 8PM on Sunday they greet their customers gladly serving up their favorites li…

Music Demo

The International Marketplace Coalition (formally The Lafayette Square Area Coalition) is a
​not-for-profit organization comprised of businesses, concerned citizens and community leaders who encourage economic growth and development on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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