Fundraiser Dinner Committee

Celebrating people making a world of difference in the Indianapolis community.

The focus of this dinner is to recognize individuals that are helping Indy become a global city.  These outstanding people are innovators in education, trailblazers in workforce development, and champions in community service. Therefore, the committee is responsible for finding such individuals and planning of this event.

Land Use Committee

Our Land Use Committee, chaired by Clint Fultz, carries out many of the Implementation items in the Land Use plan. This includes identifying underutilized land, developing a strategy for a comprehensive infrastructure plan, overseeing the creation of gateways, and many other activities that will revitalize the neighborhood. To contact this committee, email us at

Global Village Council Committee

What is the Global Village?

The Global Village will be a place in Indy’s International Marketplace that will represent each continent.  It will showcase the many ethnic cultures that reside here in Indy today through arts, education, and sports.  Our goal is that each continent will be represented and share its treasures within its own pavilion.

What is the task of this council? 

First, we help complete the vision of what a global village should encompass; whether it includes theater space, a demo kitchen, dance space, an international language and informational lab, or event space.  Second, we help with making sure that all prominent cultures are represented in this center by continent.  For example, someone representing the Hispanic community could represent those from Argentina to Venezuela. Lastly, there is always an issue of funding.  In order to successfully fund this project, it is important to reach out to our respective communities for contributions and gifts. I believe the uniqueness of this project is that it will allow people of different cultures to work together to create the Global Village of their own efforts.

Taste the Difference Committee

The International Marketplace Coalition (IMC) “Taste the Difference” Festival is now celebrating its 10th year!

Experience at least five different continents along 30+ restaurants and bakeries here in Indy’s International Marketplace at our “Taste the Difference” festival!

Music Demo

The International Marketplace Coalition (formally The Lafayette Square Area Coalition) is a
​not-for-profit organization comprised of businesses, concerned citizens and community leaders who encourage economic growth and development on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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