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Indy Style visits the International Marketplace

Learn about a summer camp centered around the arts

He’s got the rhythm and soul…. and now he’s putting it all together in a “Rhythms of the World Interfaith Summer Camp,” with help from the International Marketplace Coalition. Today on Indy Style, we hear from musician Pavel Polanc-Safadit and Mary Clark about the camp and how it might inspire you to get up and dance!

playMore Info about the Camp:
IMC’s Mary Clark, along with Witherspoon Presbyterian Church and The International Marketplace Coalition, are putting together a new camp this summer. The name of the camp is called Rhythms of the World Interfaith Summer Camp. Rhythms of the World Interfaith Summer Camp is a five day summer camp where the students will emerge in four different countries from June 20-June 24th from 8am-2pm at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church. In this cultural emergence camp, the students will have the opportunity to experience the food, art, music, dance, sports, beliefs and other cultural aspects that make each particular highlighted country unique. A field trip will be included. Rhythms of the World Interfaith Summer Camp has limited quotas for students admissions. We are accepting around 45 students.piano

Clark and a group of professionals, such a CEOs, Indy jazz hall of famers, business owners, teachers, professors, media consultants, professional musicians and artists, and pastors from different countries, will enhance the knowledge of the participants and broaden their understanding of the world. Every day, the parents will get RWISC E-News informing in detail of the events of the camp.

India-Sizzling in the Indy Style kitchen

No passport needed! We’re taking a trip to India to learn more about the tastes, smells and feel of authentic Indian Cuisine. Mary Clark, with the International Marketplace Coalition, along with Madanlal Bathe and Deraj Kurmar, teach us more about India Sizzling 2!

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Mama P. Bakery helps Indy Style celebrate 6th Anniversary

Sweet potato pie, scones, lemon cookies… need we say more?! Valerie and Darnell Perkins of Mama P’s Bakery stopped by the Indy Style kitchen today to bake us up some goodies! Together with Mary Clark, of the International Marketplace Coalition, we learn their story, their history and why they say their treats hold a deeper meaning than most!

THE STORY OF MAMA P. (directly from Valerie and Darnell)

Mama P. has been in the dessert business for 30 years. She has worked for some of the best bakeries in Michigan and Indiana. Drawing from this experience, we had a need to raise money to celebrate Michael Perkins Sr.’s 60th birthday party. So Mama P began selling cookies to family and friends. Things went extremely well, so we decided to approach a local restaurant about providing our desserts to them. One store turned into multiple stores around the Indianapolis area. In September of 2018, we proudly opened Mama P’s Bakery and Cafe’ at 3990 Georgetown Rd inside the International Marketplace. We are now serving a food, as well as desserts.

fillingIn addition to our store, Indy residents can enjoy our desserts at a number of restaurants around the city: Big City Grill and Lemonade 38th and Meridian, Captain Jay’s 38th St. and Kenwood or 38th and Keystone, Donny’s – 46th and Arlington, Chicago Grill – 20th St. and Arlington, Famous Tomato – 5002 W. 10th St.

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International flavor for the holidays

Seafood is on the menu this morning in the Indy Style kitchen! We learn more about El Puerto De San Blas Restaurant from Mary Clark, with the International Marketplace Coalition!

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Finding the perfect quinceanera dress

A special dress for a special occasion! If you’re looking for “that” dress, how about visiting Gilma Boutique?! Owner Sidia Flores says they specialize in quinceaneras, prom dresses, bridal and evening gowns and more!

It’s all part of the International Marketplace Coalition, which continues to grow and grow!

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Traveling to Ethiopia with the International Marketplace Coalition

We’re traveling to Ethiopia this morning with Mary Clark of the International Marketplace Coalition and friends! Watch, as we taste the authentic Ethiopian food of Abyssina Restaurant, learn more about the Ethiopia’s traditional costumes and cultural dance and their traditional coffee ceremony.

Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts

Did you know that China has 56 different ethnic groups? What’s even more unique is that every group has unique language dialogues, music, dances, costumes and culture. Long-silk dance was performed in the palaces in old ancient China, and it’s till the most performed dance for various celebration events.

Here’s a small glimpse of the beauty in the dance, all courtesy of the Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts.

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Sai Boutique Custom Clothing

saifullColorful, authentic and beautiful. If you find yourself near the International Marketplace, you’ll want to be sure and stop by Sai’s Boutique, for a glimpse of traditional Indian fashion. Owners Sam and Chinmayi say they offer special occasion pieces, as well as casual, everyday wear. They also take 3-4 trips to India every year for new products! Take a look!

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Music Demo

The International Marketplace Coalition (formally The Lafayette Square Area Coalition) is a
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