Saluting the Colors of the World

These monuments glow and change to reflect the colors of each country’s flag on important dates around the world.

cameroon-4 Cameroon

angola-4 Angola

australia-4 Australia

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagLuanda Day

blank_flagAustralia Day

blank_flagJan. 1                Green, Red & Gold

blank_flagJan. 25              Red, Black & Yellow

blank_flagJan. 26              Blue, Red & White



sri_lanka-4Sri Lanka

new_zealand-4New Zealand





dominican_republic-4Dom. Republic


blank_flagChinese New Year

blank_flagHero’s Day

blank_flagNational Day

blank_flagWaitangi Day

blank_flagFoundation Day

blank_flagConstitution Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagLiberation Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagPeace Memorial Day

blank_flagFeb. 1               Blue, Red, White, Yellow

blank_flagFeb. 3               Grn, Blk, Red & Yllw

blank_flagFeb 4                Gld, Orng, Grn, & Red

blank_flagFeb. 6               Blue, Red & White

blank_flagFeb. 11             White & Red

blank_flagFeb. 16             Red, Blue & White

blank_flagFeb. 24             Blue, Black & White

blank_flagFeb. 26             Green, White, Red & Black

blank_flagFeb. 27             Royal, Red & White

blank_flagFeb. 28             Red, Blue & White

ghana-4 Ghana

syria-4 Syria

namibia-4 Namibia

pakistan-4 Pakistan

bangladesh-4 Bangladesh

indonesia-4 Indonesia

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagRevolution Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagPakistan Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagDay of Silence

blank_flagMar. 6              Red, Gold, Green & Black

blank_flagMar. 8              Red, White, Black & Green

blank_flagMar. 21            Roy,Red,Grn, Wht, Gld

blank_flagMar. 23            Dark Green & White

blank_flagMar. 26            Green & Red

blank_flagMar. 31            Red & White

iraq-4 Iraq

costa_rica-4 Costa Rica

cambodia-4 Cambodia

ireland-4 Ireland


uruguay-4 Uruguay

nepal-4 Nepal

italy-4 Italy

netherlands-4 Netherlands

vietnam-4 Vietnam

blank_flagLiberation Day

blank_flagJuan Santamaria

blank_flagKhmer New Year

blank_flagSt. Patrick’s Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagLanding of the 33 Patriots Day

blank_flagLoktantra Diwas

blank_flagLiberation Day

blank_flagKing’s Day

blank_flagLiberation Day

blank_flagApr. 9 Red, White, Black & Green

blank_flagApr. 11 Royal White & Red

blank_flagApr. 14 Royal, White & Red

blank_flagApr. 17 Green, White & Orange

blank_flagApr. 18 Wht, Gld, Grn, Red & Blk

blank_flagApr. 19 White, Blue & Gold

blank_flagApr. 24 Red, White & Royal

blank_flagApr. 25 Green, White & Red

blank_flagApr. 27 Red, White & Blue

blank_flagApr. 30 Red & Yellow

poland-4 Poland


ethiopia-4 Ethiopia

belarus-4 Belarus

georgia-4 Georgia

paraguay-4 Paraguay

norway-4 Norway

haiti-4 Haiti

turkey-4 Turkey

yemen-4 Yemen

blank_flagConstitution Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagPatriots Day

blank_flagVictory Day

blank_flagSt. Andrea the First Day

blank_flagIndependence Day


blank_flagFlag Day

blank_flagCommemoration of Ataturk

blank_flagUnity Day

blank_flagMay 3 White & Red

blank_flagMay 4 Red & White

blank_flagMay 5 Green, Gold, Red & Royal

blank_flagMay 9 Red & Lime

blank_flagMay 12 Red & White

blank_flagMay 14 Red, White & Blue

blank_flagMay 17 Red, Royal & White

blank_flagMay 18 Red & Royal

blank_flagMay 19 Red & White

blank_flagMay 22 Red, White & Black

samoa-4 Samoa

uganda-4 Uganda

sweden-4 Sweden

finland-4 Finland

portugal-4 Portugal

philippines-4 Philippines

fiji-4 Fiji

iceland-4 Iceland

hungary-4 Hungary

argentina-4 Argentina

greenland-4 Greenland

croatia-4 Croatia

madagascar-4 Madagascar

ukraine-4 Ukraine

sudan-4 Sudan

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagMarty’s Day

blank_flagNational Day

blank_flagFlag Day

blank_flagPortugal Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagQueen’s Birthday

blank_flagIcelandic National Holiday

blank_flagDay of Independence

blank_flagFlag Day

blank_flagNational Day

blank_flagStatehood Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagConstitution Day

blank_flagRevolution Day

blank_flagJun 2              Red, Royal & White

blank_flagJun 3              Black, Gold & Red

blank_flagJun 6              Blue & Gold

blank_flagJun. 4             White & Royal

blank_flagJun. 10          Grn, Rd, Wht, Yllw, & Blu

blank_flagJun. 12           Royal, Red, White & Yell

blank_flagJun. 15           Blue, Red, White & Royal

blank_flagJun.17           Royal. Red & White

blank_flagJun. 19           Red, White & Green

blank_flagJun. 20           Lt. Blue, White & Gold

blank_flagJun. 21          Red & White

blank_flagJun. 25          Red, White & Royal

blank_flagJun. 26           Red, Green & White

blank_flagJun. 28           Blue & Gold

blank_flagJun. 30          Green, Red, White & Black

rwanda-4 Rwanda

united_states-4 United States

venezuela-4 Venezuela

algeria-4 Algeria

lithuania-4 Lithuania

solomon_islands-4 Solomon Island

palau-4 Palau

bahamas-4 Bahamas

france-4 France

chile-4 Chile

colombia-4 Colombia

egypt-4 Egypt

liberia-4 Liberia

peru-4 Peru

thailand-4 Thailand

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagblank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagStatehood Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagConstitution Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagBastille Day

blank_flagOur Lady of Mt. Carmel

blank_flagDeclaration of Indep.

blank_flagRevolution Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagblank_flagNat. Thai Language Day

blank_flagJul. 1                 Lt Blue, Gold & Green

blank_flagJuly 4                Red, White & Blue

blank_flagJul. 5                 Yellow, Blue &Red

blank_flagJul. 8                 Green, White & Red

blank_flagJuly 6               Gold, Green & Red

blank_flagJul. 7                 Roy, Yell, Grn, & White

blank_flagJul. 9                Light blue & Yellow

blank_flagJul. 10               Black, Blue & Yellow

blank_flagJul. 14               Royal, White & Red

blank_flagJul. 16                Red, White & Blue

blank_flagJul. 20                Gold, Royal & Red

blank_flagJul. 23               Red. White & Black

blank_flagJul. 26               Red, White & Blue

blank_flagJul. 28               Red & White

blank_flagJul. 29               Red, Navy & White

guyana-4 Guyana

niger-4 Niger

bolivia-4 Bolivia

ecuador-4 Ecuador

india-4 India

afghanistan-4 Afghanistan

papua_new_guinea-4 Papua New Guinea

blank_flagEmancipation Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagDeclar. Of Independ

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagDay of Repentance

blank_flagAug. 1             Red, Gld, Grn, Blk ,Wht

blank_flagAug 3              Orange, White & Green

blank_flagAug. 6             Red, Yellow & Green

blank_flagAug. 10          Gold, Royal & Red

blank_flagAug. 15          Orange, White & Green

blank_flagAug. 18          Black, Red & Green

blank_flagAug. 26         Black, Red, Gold & White

honduras-4 Honduras

qatar-4 Qatar

brazil-4 Brazil

el_salvador-4 El Salvador

mexico-4 Mexico

armenia-4 Armenia

bulgaria-4 Bulgaria

south_africa-4 South Africa

czech_republic-4 Czech Republic

blank_flagNational Flag Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagHeritage Day

blank_flagSt. Wenceslas Day

blank_flagSept. 1          Blue & White

blank_flagSept. 3          Plum & White

blank_flagSept. 7          Green, Yellow & Blue

blank_flagSept. 15        Blue & White

blank_flagSept. 16        Green, White & Red

blank_flagSept. 20        Red, Royal & Orange

blank_flagSept. 22        White, Green & Red

blank_flagSept. 24        Blk, Rd, Gre, Gld, Wht & Roy

blank_flagSept. 28        White, Red & Royal

china-4 China

nigeria-4 Nigeria

germany-4 Germany

cuba-4 Cuba

england-4 England

nicaragua-4 Nicaragua

guatemala-4 Guatemala

jamaica-4 Jamaica

libya-4 Libya

guinea-4 Guinea

greece-4 Greece

slovenia-4 Slovenia

blank_flagNational Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagGerman Unity Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagTrafalgar Day

blank_flagIndigenaus Resistance Day

blank_flagRevolution Day

blank_flagNational Hero’s Day

blank_flagLiberation Day

blank_flagFeast of Sacrifice

blank_flagOchi Day

blank_flagReformation Day

blank_flagOct. 1         Red & Gold

blank_flagOct. 1         Green & White

blank_flagOct. 3         Black, Red & Gold

blank_flagOct. 10         Royal, White & Red

blank_flagOct. 11         Red, White & Blue

blank_flagOct. 12         Blue, White & Green

blank_flagOct. 20         Lt. Blue & White

blank_flagOct. 21         Green, Black & Yellow

blank_flagOct. 23         Red, Black,Green White

blank_flagOct. 26         Red, Gold & Green

blank_flagOct. 28         Blue & White

blank_flagOct. 31          White, Blue & Red

austria-4 Austria

panama-4 Panama

canada-4 Canada

slovakia-4 Slovakia

morocco-4 Morocco

lebanon-4 Lebanon

albania-4 Albania

barbados-4 Barbados

blank_flagAll Saints Day

blank_flagFlag Day

blank_flagRemembrance Day

blank_flagDemocracy Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagNov. 1             Red & White

blank_flagNov. 4             Blue, Red & White

blank_flagNov. 11           Red & White

blank_flagNov. 17           White, Blue & Red

blank_flagNov. 18           Red & Green

blank_flagNov. 22           Red, White & Green

blank_flagNov. 28           Red & Black

blank_flagNov. 30           Royal & Gold

romania-4 Romania

spain-4 Spain

switzerland-4 Switzerland

tanzania-4 Tanzania

denmark-4 Denmark

bahrain-4 Bahrain

kazakhstan-4 Kazakhstan

kenya-4 Kenya

mongolia-4 Mongolia

blank_flagGreat Union Day

blank_flagConstitution Day

blank_flagImmaculate Conception

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagSt. Lucy’s Day

blank_flagNational Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagBoxing Day

blank_flagIndependence Day

blank_flagDec. 1          Royal, Gold & Red

blank_flagDec. 6          Red & Orange

blank_flagDec 8           Red & White

blank_flagDec. 9          Grn, Yllw, Blck & Lt Blu

blank_flagDec. 12        Red & White

blank_flagDec. 16        White & Red

blank_flagDec. 17        Blue & Yellow

blank_flagDec. 26        Black, Red, Green & White

blank_flagDec. 29        Red, Blue & Gold

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