Shrinking the Globe & Creating a Village

A place to eat. A place to shop. A place to be.

International Marketplace Presents the

Global Village Welcome Center

The time has come for Indianapolis to have a home where everyone is welcome to explore, connect and celebrate their cultures and traditions. Our most recent project is transforming a recently purchased 56,000 square foot building (located at 4233 Lafayette Road) into the Global Village Welcome Center to create the ultimate cultural destination welcome to everyone. 

But first, funding is needed to support the $12 million capital campaign to make the Global Village Welcome Center a reality. Funds will be used to help renovate the space, provide exhibit design, space build out and fulfill other dedicated projects to help "Shrink the Globe and Create a Village." Since donations are key to our growth and success, please consider donating $10, $25, $50 - whatever amount you are able to give. 

Thank you for your support.

This 56,000 square feet facility will feature:

  • Museum

  • Conference rooms

  • Event venue

Embracing Change

The International Marketplace is a unique destination in Indianapolis where more than 100 languages are spoken and 900 ethnic businesses from around the world are represented.


In 2004 the State of Indiana designated part of the Lafayette Square area as a Community Revitalization and Enhancement District. This unique designation created opportunities for financial investment and revitalization in the area. Our area is also a federally designated Opportunity Zone.


Since 2005, a dedicated group of business owners, residents and volunteers have worked to implement our strategic vision.

We want to build on this diversity and strengthen our community.

The International Marketplace will see more than $176 million in new development and more than 2,000 jobs created within in the next 18 months

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Global Village Welcome Center

The Global Village Welcome Center will showcase the awe of Disney’s Epcot Center, educational delivery of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and functionality of a convention center – all with international flair.

In October 2019, Indy’s International Marketplace Coalition purchased a 56,000 square foot building at 4233 Lafayette Rd. to be developed as a space called the Global Village Welcome Center. There, all cultures will be welcomed, celebrated and experienced.

  • Demonstration kitchen

  • Audio/video studio

  • Dance studio

Indy’s International Marketplace has begun a $12 million capital campaign to develop the Global Village Welcome Center. With generous support from people like you, we will continue developing our area into a place to eat, a place to shop and a place to be that welcomes all.

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Design Guidelines

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Market Analysis 

Read the International Marketplace Market Analysis and Strategy to transform into a world-class destination district.

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Infrastructure Projects

IM Crossing Multi-modal Project

The International Marketplace provided funds for a scoping
study for a
multi-modal trail to determine project feasibility and cost in collaboration with Midtown Anchors. The project is an effort to create a multi-modal path from 38th St. and Michigan Rd. to 38th St. and Lafayette Rd.


38th St. & Moller Rd., Commercial Dr. Crosswalk Improvements

The International Marketplace is working with the City of
Indianapolis and private developers to enhance crosswalks in our area and improve pedestrian safety.

Little Eagle Creek Partnership

Partnering with Little Eagle Creek, we hopes to explore with neighbors the cross-cultural implications of waterways and waterway connections.

Completed Developments

  • Indianapolis Public Library - Eagle Branch

  • Ivy Tech Automotive Campus

  • Pike YMCA

Upcoming Developments

  • Global Village Welcome Center

  • Infrastructure improvements

  • Ivy Tech Automotive Campus

  • Indiana Achievement Center

  • Pyramids at 3500

Shrinking the Globe and Creating a Village



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