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2020 Events

International Marketplace Lunch Tour


Experience some of the best cultural cuisines in the city when you attend a biweekly International Marketplace Lunch Tour. These meals provide guests an opportunity to eat delicious ethnic dishes, mingle with great company and explore the hidden gems our area has to offer.

International Marketplace Dinner Tour 


With the success of the lunch tour series, we launched a monthly Dinner Tour series to also highlight restaurants in the area. In just its first season, more than 35 foodies attend this monthly event.

Dine-In At the Global Village

This event is an immersive experience of cuisine and culture focused on a country or region of the world held on a quarterly basis. Attendees can engage and learn about the selected country or region’s culture through food, music, dance and presentations.

Awards Dinner & Silent Auction

This annual awards dinner celebrates individuals making a world of difference and bridging cultural differences. During the event, three individuals are recognized publicly for their contributions and volunteer efforts. An extensive silent auction is also held to help raise funds for the International Marketplace Coalition. 

World Arts Expo 

This one-day multi-cultural arts exhibition provides a centralized venue for broader exposure of Indiana’s international arts community as well as local artists whose lives have been impacted by global cultures.

Taste the Difference Festival & Sister Cities Fest

This annual event showcases different cultures via performances (dance, music, etc.), exhibitors and food samplings from more than 25 restaurants representing countries around the world.

Savor the International Marketplace

Sept. 27 - Oct. 10, 2020

Diners can experience a taste of the world at more than 25 participating restaurants offering specially priced menus. This annual event begins the day after the Taste the Difference Festival and Sister Cities Fest. Most restaurants that participate in the Taste the Difference Festival agree that Savor leads to a significant increase in customers.

International Coffee & Tea Fest

To explore and showcase the ceremonies and preparations, flavors and aromas of coffee and tea from around the globe. The attendees are also treated to ethnic performances.

Holiday Bazaar & World of Trees Expo

Designed as a way to welcome the world in celebrating the season, this holiday bazaar features artwork, handicrafts and food available for purchase. There is also a display of holiday-themed trees decorated by different cultural organizations.

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No upcoming events at the moment

Shrinking the Globe and Creating a Village



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