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Shrinking the Globe & Creating a Village

A place to eat. A place to shop. A place to be.

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The International Marketplace is defined as a 2.5-mile area within these boundaries:
  • North: 46th St. and Lafayette Rd.
  • South: 34th St. and Lafayette Rd.
  • East: 38th St. and Commercial Dr.
  • West: 38th St. and High School Rd.
This area is home to a plethora of ethnic establishments, including more than 110 restaurants, 40 markets and 900 businesses. Community members collectively speak and represent more than 100 languages.
The result is a cultural environment unique to Indianapolis and the greater Midwest.
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Passport to Indy's Best Global Cuisine Food Guide

There is no need to splurge on a plane ticket to immerse yourself in cultural cuisine of Ethiopia, Yemen, India and Peru. These are only a few of the countries represented in the International Marketplace that you will find at your fingertips through the use of this guide.

International Marketplace Discount Card

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Use this Discount Card to take advantage of 10 percent savings at more than 80 participating locations. Save money at restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, candy shops, boutiques, and more.
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