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Global Gifts

Global Gifts is a non-profit business committed to creating sustainable economic opportunities and safe and equitable working conditions for disadvantaged artisans and farmers around the world. From jewelry and home goods to toys and food items, Global Gifts stores are filled with handmade, one-of-a-kind items from nearly 40 different countries.


But that’s not the best part... Global Gifts' products are fair trade so you can be confident that your purchases have been produced ethically and artisans have been paid a fair wage. Global Gifts pays their artisans upfront for orders, and only works with vendors and groups who take great care of their artisans.

Global Gifts relies on volunteers, donors, and customers like YOU to help support their artisan groups with continued orders. Volunteers support Global Gifts' small team of staff in keeping their stores open, helping with special events, fundraising, customer service, and spreading the word about fair trade.

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