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Shrinking the Globe & Creating a Village

A place to eat. A place to shop. A place to be.

International Marketplace Presents the

Global Village Welcome Center

The time has come for Indianapolis to have a home where everyone is welcome to explore, connect and celebrate their cultures and traditions. Our most recent project is transforming a recently purchased 56,000 square foot building (located at 4233 Lafayette Road) into the Global Village Welcome Center to create the ultimate cultural destination welcome to everyone. 

Construction is underway, but funding is still needed to support the $15 million capital campaign to make the Global Village Welcome Center a reality. Funds will be used to help continue to renovate the space, provide exhibit design, space build out and fulfill other dedicated projects to help "Shrink the Globe and Create a Village." Since donations are key to our growth and success, please consider donating $10, $25, $50 - whatever amount you are able to give. 

Thank you for your support.

Global Village Welcome Center

Global Village Welcome Center

The Global Village Welcome Center is a place for exploration and education where all cultures can gather, share and celebrate their traditions.

The Global Village Welcome Center is a welcoming place featuring cultural exhibits, classrooms, a demonstration kitchen, dance studios, event hall, functional space and other dedicated spaces. By donating to the Global Village Welcome Center, you will help us continue to fulfill our mission – by creating a place where all cultures gather, share and celebrate different traditions while providing a sense of identity and belonging. The Global Village Welcome Center is dedicated to educating the world, preserving traditions and celebrating all cultures. 

Recognizing that every culture has its own customs and traditions – at our core – we are all individuals striving to connect and communicate. The Global Village Welcome Center plays a major role in enriching families and supporting community resources that educate while bridging cultural gaps and boosting the local economy. The Global Village Welcome Center is currently open but some areas are under construction to complete the facility. 

This 56,000 square feet facility will feature:

  • Cultural Galleries

  • Event Hall

  • Foyer

  • Demonstration Kitchen

  • Donor Recognition Wall

  • Dance Studios

  • Multi-Purpose Rooms

  • Gift Shop

  • Office Space

  • Functional Space

  • Welcome Hub

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