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Your annual membership helps the International Marketplace Coalition:

  • Drive economic development efforts by encouraging business creation, diversity and retention

  • Increase vibrancy, safety and aesthetics of the area

  • Encourage and promote interaction and relationship building among diverse groups of people and residents through events and activities

  • Generate positive awareness of the area as a unique destination leading to an increase in revenue for local businesses

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounts and resources – discounts to select events

  • Professional support services – guidance to successfully operate a business in the area

  • Financial assistance – ability to obtain small business funding (program starting in July 2019 and matching property improvement grant opportunities

  • Educational opportunities - access to resources, training and tools to help you and your business grow

  • Promotional opportunities - option to participate in advertising and promotional installation at annual events in addition to a listing in the International Marketplace Food Guide and on the website

Nonprofit Membership